"Creating Healthy Learning Environments for Children to Excel" - Company Message
About Us
Sankofa Education Alliance is based on the symbol of the West African Sankofa Bird carrying the egg of the future in its mouth while flying forward but looking backwards to relearn, remember, and reclaim the best of what the past has taught us as we move forward to achieve our full potential. Sankofa Education Alliance represents the quest for one's personal and collective wisdom, academic knowledge, and preservation of a heritage of a people, their language, and their culture. 
Since language and culture are two integral parts of one's identity, they serve as the foundation for learning in school and succeeding in life. Language is the actual heartbeat of a culture, a flash of the human spirit, while culture is the whole essences of who one is as an individual and as a member of a collective group of people. By doing what we know works, and what research supports as it relates to systematically integrating language and culture into the educational framework, Sankofa Education Alliance prepares those to whom our children have been entrusted to guide and nurture them as they press toward the future successfully emerging as world class leaders in this highly competitive global society.
Mission: to assist school districts, as well as civic, community and faith-based organizations in "operating from their strengths" as they shape and reshape their educational practices and build capacity to elevate educational outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Goal: to transform education for culturally and linguistically diverse students through comprehensive, meaningful professional learning opportunities for administrators, teachers, instructional support staff, and parents that:
*transform negative perceptions and beliefs about language, learning, and culture into raised expectations about their academic capabilities; 
*create healthy, caring, and communal environments that support meaningful learning and personal development; and

*assist parents in tapping into their own potential to help their children become academically and socially successful.
We are dedicated to assisting organizations in developing systemic and strategic approaches that build and sustain capacity for cultural responsiveness in order to change patterns of thinking and ways of doing that benefit all children, families, and their communities.
Remember, "We all have a stake ...",  cac 2000